“Han was a pleasure to work with on Burn Notice – I really enjoyed directing him. We’re always hunting for talented actors in Miami and Han was a true find.” – Matt Nix – Creator of Burn Notice

“It is difficult to conceive what an undying work ethic can accomplish until it’s materialized. One day I am admiring the work of AMAZING actors on television series/movies and the next I am in the transpo van on the way to set with them. I owe everything that I am to my family. They inspire me; therefore I aim to inspire others. I read somewhere that in order to be an expert at something, you would have to invest 10,000hrs into it. Naturally, the math-lover DNA in me started to compute. 8hrs per day puts me at 2,920hrs per year. 2,920hrs times 4yrs equals 11,680hrs which puts me well over the expert level.” – Han Soto